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Hello there! Nice seeing you here, reading my personal blog. My name is Nataliya Balabanchuk and I post here some of my thoughts, ideas and articles I write for various sites. You are welcome to leave as many of your comments as you have! Nulla Dies Sine Linea is a Latin phrase meaning "No days without writing", and that is what I am planning to do - write every day.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cat Fans Do: Simon's Cat

Handmade vs plantmade

What would you prefer – a handmade notebook or the one made at the plant?

It seems that handmade things are usually picked up by the people who make some handicraft projects themselves, and rarely by those who are not into sewing-drawing-carving. Is this a pattern, I wonder?

Spring time in blood

Spring is in the air! Spring is in the blood! I notice I now pick flower designs of whatever needs to be designed and fresh springtime colors of my fabrics to turn them into something.

USB life

15 years ago it was impossible to even imagine the USB world. Today there all types of USB gadgets from the simplest USB flash drive to fun and cute devices attached to your laptop.

Can’t stop sewing…

When I start sewing it seems that I cannot stop it. The more I sew the more creative ideas show up in my mind. And of course I always all of them to become real.